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Official TAG Heuer Retailer For Manitoba The name TAG Heuer signifies the founder of the company, Edouard Heuer, as well as its mission to be at the forefront of the watch industry, indicated by the acronym TAG (Techniques d'Avant-Garde). TAG Heuer has made some major technical advances, such as the oscillating pinion in 1887 (a key chronograph component), that have been embodied in iconic models and are essential components in the timepieces of today. The brand has built its reputation on the reliability, robustness, and craftsmanship of its timepieces, and these qualities have been tested time and again against physical endurance and sport.  The bold designs of the TAG Heuer timepieces are unique and convey a sensation of power, appealing to both men and women.  At Independent Jewellers, we are proud to carry an array of timepieces that appeal to the intrepid or to those who can simply appreciate pure luxury at an affordable price.

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