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IJL Custom Design Unheated Vivid Blue Sapphire Platinum Ring

Stock # 040139

IJL Custom Design Unheated Vivid Blue Sapphire Platinum Ring

IJL Custom Design Unheated Vivid Blue Sapphire Platinum Ring

Stock # 040139

Sourcing the right sapphire is not always easy as the colour can vary significantly amoung different stones. And peoples preferences are different as well! Some people want a very light blue, others a more intense blue.

In the jewellery industry, it is assumed, unless otherwise documented, that all sapphires have undergone some sort of heat treatment. To find a sapphire that has not undergone heat treatment is quite rare. And that rarity only increases the larger the stone gets, and the type of blue colour it portrays.

In this case we found a stunning 6.59ct vivid blue sapphire, unheated. The client wanted something large, and something rare, and for it to be set in a custom-designed platinum mount, with diamonds accenting the sapphire.

We think it turned out awesome!

Custom pieces are one-of-a-kind and therefore not available for order.
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Product Details

Name Unheated Vivid Blue Sapphire Platinum Ring
Stock Number 040139
Type Men's Ring
Material Platinum

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IJL Custom Design are custom made pieces tailored specifically for each client. The majority of these pieces are one-of-a-kind, meaning we cannot duplicate them. These pieces usually (but not always) recycle gemstones brought to us by clients, in designs that are created from ideas they bring to us, and the designers' capability of putting those ideas to paper. As such the pieces on these pages without pricing are custom creations we have done for clients and are not part of our inventory. They are a showcase of designs that we have done in the past!

Each year we host two custom design events where we fly a designer in from Toronto and you get to sit down with her to design a special piece. These one-hour appointments are very limited and the spaces fill up fast. For more information please contact Marissa at our downtown location.

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