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Hirsch Straps 12mm Medium

Stock # 335717

Hirsch Straps 12mm Medium

Hirsch Straps 12mm Medium

Stock # 335717

HIRSCH Highland 12mm medium length black textured calfskin leather strap.

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Product Details

Name 12mm Medium
Stock Number 335717
Department Accessories
Type Watch Strap
Location 493 Notre Dame Avenue
Vendor Style 04302150-2-12

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Independent Jewellers Hirsch Straps
Hirsch Straps

Older than the United States of America and predating even many of the best known watch brands, Hirsch as a company dates back to 1765!  They offer more than 1500 different items with over 60 colour choice options from their bracelet assortment.

Designed for durability and functionality, their bracelets are sauna tested to provide a lasting, quality finish.  For comfort, Hirsch developed their Pro Skin coating with the Vienna Dermatological University Clinic on select bracelets to prevent irritation to skin that may be caused by leather.  If they come in contact with water they dry more quickly than conventional straps without losing their looks, suppleness or functionality.  They also offer a collection of bracelets from their 100m Water Resistant Series that can be worn safely in water that will also maintain their shape and won’t lose colour or suppleness.  Through techniques in manufacturing, the components of the bracelet (upper leather, padding and lining leather) are connected down to the fibre through a means of heat and pressure.  With round embossing of the edges or “shape enhancement”, the bracelet edges are also very soft and supple for enhanced comfort.

Hirsch is an environmentally conscious company using ...

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