493 Notre Dame Avenue
Phone: 204.774.5544

Polo Park Shopping Centre
Phone: 204.783.3113

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Scott Kay Engagement Rings-Winnipeg's leaders in fine jewellery, Independent Jewellers offers a full selection of  Scott Kay Engagement Rings at 493 Notre Dame Ave. Call us today 774.5544.

Scott Kay engagement rings are beautifully handcrafted and hand finished. The workmanship on each ring is exquisite and the style is uniquely Scott Kay. Offered in a variety of alloys including 14K, 19K, Palladium, and Platinum, Scott Kay engagement rings will have everyone's head turning.

One of Scott Kay's many accomplishment's is bringing platinum back into the jewellery world. During the Second World War, platinum was declared a strategic metal and banned from all non-military use, including the jewellery industry. Because of this, white gold was created as a substitute and the popularity of platinum dropped significantly.

During the 1990's, Scott Kay created a jewellery line around platinum and effectively brought platinum back into popularity. He has since started using other metals including Palladium, 14 and 19 karat gold (both white and yellow), and Cobalt.

Available at our 493 Notre Dame Ave. location and our Polo Park location.